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Coca-Cola Truck tour dates 2018 Christmas

Coca-Cola tour dates 2018 photo
Looking to find where the Coca-Cola truck will be this Year? Find out on the Santa CCTV website
Find out the Coca-Cola Truck tour dates for Christmas 2018 on the Santa CCTV Cam Website.
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Santa Claus Visits Altea on the Costa Blanca Spain

Santa Claus in Spain
Santa Clus has been spotted on Holiday on the Costa Blanca in Altea Spain
Holiday makers sitting on the beach between the mountain town of Altea and the commercial district of Albir spotted Santa on a surf board, swimming in the sea and climbing the historic steps to the Altea Old town
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Santa Claus visits Benidorms 3 Kings Parade on the Lavente Beach Christmas 2018

Santa Claus in Benidorm
Santa Claus was spotted during the Benidorm 3 Kings Christmas 2018 Parade.
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Coca-Cola Truck Tour dates christmas 2017

Uptdate: 9th October 2017: We are still waiting for confirmed dates for the Christmas 2017 Coca-Cola Tour. We will publish the dates on our main page as soon as we have them. Click the Home button above to Check. Check our main website for updates of the Coca Cola 2017 Truck Tour Dates Discover the twenty-year history of the iconic Coca-Cola Christmas Trucks, which first graced our TV screens in the winter months of 1995.
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testing santa new

testing santa news

Finding out how Santa Claus manages to visit 336 million homes

flying santa claus

Just how does he manage to get around the world fast enough to visit 366 million homes in time for Christmas morning? / Alamy 'Maybe Santa has tapped into ways of jumping in and out of different dimensions'.

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