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Santa Claus Launches Santa Coffee shop called Santa-Bucks

Santa Claus opens a new Coffee shop Called Santa-bucks
Santa Claus Launches Santa Coffee shop called Santa-Bucks, a brand new World wide Coffee Chain. Stock markets in world wide Panic waiting to buy shares.
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Santa Claus applies for his NIE number so he can work in Spain

Santa gets his Spanish NIE Number.
Santa Claus has offically applied for his NIE Number in Spain so he can legally continue to deliver presents in the Country.
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Santa Claus Kicks off the countdown to Christmas 2018 with a huge London Party

Santa Claus hold's party at Crown hotel Chertsey
With just 244 days until Christmas Day, Santa Claus pushed the big red start button at a London star studded event last night.
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Breaking News. Santa Claus caught on Santa Cam stealing mince pies from Tesco

Police arrest Santa Claus following theft of Mince Pies from Tesco Express
The London metropolitan police have released a statement claiming that Santa Claus has been caught on Santa Cam stealing a box of Christmas 2018 Mince pies from a Tesco Store in Uxbridge this morning, 24th April 2018.
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How does Santa Claus wrap so many presents so quickly?

Santa Wrapping presents
Just how does Santa Claus Wrap so many presents in time for Christmas Day? Does Santa Have a wrapping paper machine? Does he watch the Wrapping process on Santa Cam? Find out more on the Santa CCTV Cam website.
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What does Santa Claus like to eat?

Santa Claus eating a Christmas Sandwich
What does Santa Claus like to eat? Whats Santa's favoutite recipes and what should i leave out on Christmas Eve for Santa to Eat and drink? Just some of the questions we can answer from our latest interview with Santa Claus.
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