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Did Santa Claus shoot JFK? New Santa-Cam footage shown by conspiracy thoery website

JFK Meets Santa Claus on Santa-Cam
Conspiracy theroists have today claimed that JFK was infact shot dead by Santa Claus and the whole event was captured on Santa-Cam.
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Santa Claus denies his Elves are slaves, and welcomes people to watch on Santa-cam

elf working on Santa Cam
Santa-Claus has denied claims by Elf Rights Charity 'Elf Watch' that his Elves are work Slaves and welcomes people to watch them on Santa-Cam working.
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Santa Claus taken to employment tribunal by former elf staff member after Santa-Cam Fiasco

Elf caught on Santa-Cam stealing sweets
Santa Claus has been summoned to an employment tribunal in the North Pole following allegation of misconduct caught on Santa-Cam
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Santa Claus caught on Santa-Cam Speeding, Christmas 2018

Santa Claus caught on Santa-Cam speeding in his sleigh
North pole police have announced today that Santa Claus has been Caught speeding on Santa-Cam at an amazing 12 million miles an hour.
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Is Santa Claus Planning to opening a Christmas themed Supermarket to sell his Santa Cams?

Santa Claus now selling Santa Cams at Tesco
Speculation is rife across the internet over Santa's intentions to open a Christmas themed supermarket to sell his Santa-Cam systems.
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Santa Claus set to Launch new North Pole Fashion retail Outlet called Santa-mark.

Santa Claus starts selling clothes
Santa Claus is set to Launch new North Pole Fashion retail Outlet called Santa-Mark.
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