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Did Santa Invent Video Games or Only the Santa Cam?

It's another one of those questions that has long stumped historians. Did Santa invent video games or was it Nintendo who published the first ever video game?
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Santa Claus says he will NOT walk Megan Markle down the isle at the Royal wedding and will watch on Santa Cam instead

Santa Claus Caught on Santa Cam at wedding
Santa Claus has said that rumours he will be taking the place of Megan Markle's Farther, Thomas Markle are far fetched and totaly untrue.
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Santa to star in new Cookery Program for Christmas Filmed on Santa Cam

Santa being filmed on Santa Cam cooking
Santa Claus has announced he is to release a new Christmas cookery programme called cook with Santa that will be filmed on Santa Cam for Christmas 2018.
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Santa to release Fitness video recorded on Santa Cam

Santa records a fitness video on Santa cam Christmas 2018
Santa Claus is set to release a new Christmas workout video for Christmas 2018 filmed on Santa Cam.
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Santa Claus anounces deal with Duracell to provide batterys for his 2.4 million Santa Cams

All Santa Cams will now come with Duracell Batterys
Santa Claus has today announced that he has done a deal with the worlds biggest battery manufacturer to provide battery's for his 2.4 million Santa Cams

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Will Santa make changes to his Santa Cam system to replace plastic domes with glass?

Santa chnages Santa Cam supplier from Samsung to North Pole supplier
Rumours in technology circles have today said they expect an announcement that Santa Claus is expected to change his Santa Cam domes from Plastic to glass.
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