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Santa Claus says he will monitor UK airspace on Santa Cam after Brexit

Irish PM caught on Santa Cam
Santa Claus has said he will step in to monitor British airspace post Brexit on his Santa Cam. This comes following a statement from the Irish Primeminister that he will not allow British aircraft pass Irish airspace in the event of a NO Deal Brexit.
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Santa watched on Santa Cam as Cliff Richards WINS high Court Battle

Watched on Santa Cam: Cliff richards wins Hight court ruling for damages
Congratulations to Cliff Richards!
Santa Claus has Praised Sir Cliff Richards after watching his high court battle on Santa Cam.
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Santa watches on Santa Cam EU and Japan Signed Monumental Deal

Santa watched on Santa cam as the EU and Japan signed the deal
Santa Claus has congratulated the EU and Japan after watching the Historic Free Trade agreement take place on his Santa Cam.
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Donald Trump caught on Santa Cam during visit to UK

Donald Trump caught on Santa Cam
This week during his UK tour Doanld trump was caught on Santa Cam
Santa Claus has said he welcomes Donald Trumps visit to the UK and watched it live on his Santa Cam
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Did Santa Invent Video Games or Only the Santa Cam?

It's another one of those questions that has long stumped historians. Did Santa invent video games or was it Nintendo who published the first ever video game?
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Santa Claus says he will NOT walk Megan Markle down the isle at the Royal wedding and will watch on Santa Cam instead

Santa Claus Caught on Santa Cam at wedding
Santa Claus has said that rumours he will be taking the place of Megan Markle's Farther, Thomas Markle are far fetched and totaly untrue.
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