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Latest news

Santa Cam system gets a freshen up for christmas 2018

What is a Santa Cam
Santa Claus has started his maintenance program for his Santa Cam delivery system for Christmas 2018.
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New Glitter Gravy Launched for Christmas 2018

Buy your Glitter Gravy
Would you pour glitter Gravy on your Christmas Dinner?
A new type of Gravy has been Launched for this Christmas, Called Glitter Gravy!
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About the Santa Cam

What a Santa Cam Looks Like
This is what a Santa-Cam Looks like
  What is a Santa Cam? A Santa Cam offical (made by Santa Claus) is a round plastic/glass done camera. It comes in Varuoius sizes and colours. A Santa-Cam is used to Catch Santa Claus on Camera when he is in your home.
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Santa Claus to minitor heat wave on Santa Cam

Santa Claus Monitors heat wave on Santa Cam
Santa Claus has said he will continue to Monitor UK Heat wave on Santa Cam.  
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Santa Claus says he will monitor UK airspace on Santa Cam after Brexit

Irish PM caught on Santa Cam
Santa Claus has said he will step in to monitor British airspace post Brexit on his Santa Cam. This comes following a statement from the Irish Primeminister that he will not allow British aircraft pass Irish airspace in the event of a NO Deal Brexit.
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Santa watched on Santa Cam as Cliff Richards WINS high Court Battle

Watched on Santa Cam: Cliff richards wins Hight court ruling for damages
Congratulations to Cliff Richards!
Santa Claus has Praised Sir Cliff Richards after watching his high court battle on Santa Cam.
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