The New John Lewis Advert...

by Elf Klaus
Have you seen the new John Lewis advert yet? Santa has and his opinion of the John Lewis advert this year is that the Foster Dad deserves a big present! It seems that in recent years, the John Lewis Christmas advert got some negativity from its more popular past status. This year, they've outdone themselves with their latest offering. The advert features a man, who is for some unknown reason to us, putting himself through some pain in the bid to learn to skateboard. His perseverance begins to pay off and you can see he is very happy about this and his partner keeps asking how it is going. What we don't realise until the end is he is learning this skill as the couple are waiting for a child to arrive to come and live with them who themselves skateboards! His attempt is to make them feel a little more at home and welcome at a time that will be overwhelming and scary. I have to say, I absolutely love this advert. It's so sweet and heartwarming, and it really captures your heart bringing a tear to your eye. The one downside is that it might make it harder for parents to get away with not doing some of these more precarious hobbies! But that's a small price to pay for such a wonderful advert.

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