The Season of the Witch

by Elf Klaus
So, as we enter into October and the season of the witch preparations at the North Pole are well under way. Mrs Claus and Elves are however redecorating in the spirit of the spooky season and really enjoy playing pranks to scare Santa. We have found out that they have already had fake eyeballs floating in his coco and a fake spider falling in his lap when he was making his lists up. Even the Reindeer aren't safe with wind up mice being placed in their feed. Did you know that Halloween is the festival of Samhain. A celebration at the end of the summer season to welcome in the darker half the year and the beginning of winter. It is also the time when the veils between worlds is meant to be at its thinnest! Meaning ghosts and weird creatures get to roam the Earth on this night. The celebration was meant to scare the spirits away keeping everyone safe until the next year. These days it's celebrated in various ways and homes are decorated with carved pumpkins and various decorations, sweets are handed out to children who dress up and go door to door shouting 'trick or treat'. The US being the biggest commercial market for Halloween since Irish settlers really got a taste for it back in the 19th century.

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