Mrs Claus....

by Elf Green
We all know about Mr Claus but what about Mrs Claus? She is always there for him. Keeping him well fed and watered (or should we say Hot Coco'd) haha. She is the one that keeps the elves in check or gives them the TLC they need. Mrs Claus is not just Santas wife she is the beating heart of the Christmas Village. The mother of all the inhabitants, the one that cares for them when they are ill, feeling low (yes that sometimes happens even there), sees to the bumps and scrapes. A busy woman with a big heart. She steals away occasionally for some me-time up into the hills close by. A little known spa where she can relax for an hour or two just to recharge and ensure she is in tip top form for all that is required of her. Santa just loves the lady to bits and always tells the elves it was 'love at frost sight'. He feels bad when Christmas gets closer as he feels like he neglects her but she understands and knows he will give her his full attention come the New Year. A powerful couple that would not be much without the other and have a deep connection that has lasted for who knows how long.

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