Santa Practises Sleigh Landing

by Elf Green
Santa needs to practice his landing skills. Every year he takes all of the reindeer out to the nearby open areas just outside of the Christmas Village. He has to make sure he can still do it with precision and skill. He gets everything rigged up just like on Christmas Eve and they do small practice runs of take-off and landing. This is to ensure they aren't too noisy with the hooves and the sleigh doesn't clatter its rails on landing. It may not seem to us like he should need to but during the rest of the year the sleigh isn't taken out much and the reindeer get to roam pretty free. Practice makes perfect as they say. Back in October, the reindeer could be seen being trained by the head reindeer Elf getting their strength back up and flying skills up to speed. The locals reported seeing flying animals doing loop de loops high above some forest where it is reported the Christmas Village is supposed to be magically hidden. According to our source, Prancer is a bit of a show-off and likes to do this while the others are still doing the practice bits. Comet can be a bit of a drama queen and takes a while to even take off if the mood so takes him. Blitzen takes it in his stride, like riding a bike. Cupid and Dancer are quick too but not as show off as Prancer so stay a little lower when messing around as not to be seen. We got access to the secret images of him wandering around with the reindeer during this time.

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