Time to Ramp it Up!

by Elf Green
It's been a rough year for everyone and that includes all at the North Pole! The elves have been working super hard but getting supplies has been tough. Everyone seems to be struggling to get the stuff they need everywhere in the world. What to do, what to do? The news is that the Head Elf has had to work extra long hours and had a steady supply of hot cocoa and candy canes to keep him going while he sorts it out. His second in command has been doing her best to keep the factory running so they keep on track for Christmas Eve, she is a super hard worker elf too. She has had to have many talks with the cocoa factory to ensure the stocks are kept up and the candy cane elves have been working extra to ensure the Head Elf always has his sugar hit. The man in the red suit has been pulling his beard out trying to keep all the elves happy as he hates it when they feel stressed. The Christmas Village is supposed to be the happiest place on Earth and it's his job to make sure it stays that way. He has been calling in some owed favours and making sure all the elves are getting extra treats to keep them in the great spirits they are used to. Now that the count down is on and the lists are starting to come in from the children of the world the ramp-up begins. This will help Santa and his elves as bringing happiness to families all over the globe is what they do and that is what brings them the most happiness.

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