Santa Claus anounces deal with Duracell to provide batterys for his 2.4 million Santa Cams

Santa Claus has today announced that he has done a deal with the worlds biggest battery manufacturer to provide battery's for his 2.4 million Santa Cams

. In an official statement on the North Pole website, Santa Said: 'We are delighted to be working with Duracell, the worlds leading battery maker to provide power to our 2.4 million Santa Cams across the world. We recommend Duracell battery's as they are long lasting and come with a 10 year guarantee. They are ideal battery's for our Santa Cams and we look forward to proving them for free when you buy a Santa Cam.

The news comes just days after Santa announced he is to change the plastic on his Santa Cams to Glass after dropping supplier Samsung.

Will Santa make changes to his Santa Cam system to replace plastic domes with glass?

It is widely thought following todays announcement that Santa will start to provide free battery's with all his toys. One industry analyst said 'This is really important4 news for the consumer. A santa Cam without battery's is useless and unable to catch Santa on camera. We welcome the news and hope that Santa rolls out his his free battery programme across all his toys'

However the move has brought some criticism from environmental campaigners that the battery's will not be recycled and will go to land fill. The news comes following a deal with green peace over climate change.

Santa Claus gives 10% from Santa Cam business to greenhouse emissions charity Green Peace

Santa CCTV contacted Santa and asked about what recycling provision he will be putting in place for used and discarded battery's from the Santa Cams. In a written response he said: 'The environment is very import to us as can be seen with our recent deal with Green Peace. We will be offering to collect unwanted and used batteries on Christmas eve each year. These will be recycled at our north pole head quarters in association with Duracell. The battery's can be left out with the mince pies on Christmas eve and I will collect them'

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), each year Americans throw away more than three billion batteries. That's about 180,000 tons of batteries. More than 86,000 tons of these are from Santa Cams. Imagine, placed end to end these dead alkaline batteries alone would circle the world at least six times. About 14,000 tons of rechargeable batteries are thrown away in the United States.

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