Santa Claus gives 10% from Santa Cam business to greenhouse emmissions charity Green Peace

Santa Claus has today announced he will give 10% of the turnover from his World wide Santa Cam business to charity.

An announcement from the North pole head quarters of Santa Claus, posted on his official website, today said that Santa has decided to donate 10% of his global turnover from his buy a Santa Cam business to anti climate change Charity Green Peace.

The statement written in hand by Santa using bright red ink on North pole recycled paper, which was scanned and uploaded to the official Santa website, read: 'It is with absolute delight to announce that as from today 8th May 2018 I will be donating 10% from my world wide turn over from Santa Cams to climate change Charity Green Peace. Climate change has been close to my heart since the start of the melting of the Polar ice caps.

I have seen over the last millennia a gradual warming of planet earth and this has caused be great discontent. When I am flying my sleigh all over the World on Christmas Eve I get to see the devastating affects of green house emissions on the climate. Little do people know that the Magic Reindeer food I feed to my Reindeers New Flying Reindeer Food Launched for Christmas 2017 is boosted by the Earths magnetic fields. As the polar ice caps melt this reduces the magnetic field and slows the Reindeers. This will eventually lead to a delaying of my Christmas eve Delivery service and a possibility that I may have to start doing boxing day deliverys as well. I hope you all support my cause by buying a Santa Cam, and allowing me to donate a percentage to Charity.

About Green Peace:

Green Peace has a vision to transform the world by changing the way people think about it. They would like governments, businesses and each and every person to stop thinking of the Earth as an unending resource and start treating it as something very precious that needs our protection. They say: 'We all need a planet that is ecologically healthy and able to nurture life in all its diversity'. Green Peace first success was to loby for the end of nucular testing. This happened with the introcution of The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

A spokes person for Green Peace said: 'We are really very excited to be working with Santa Claus and his Team of Elves to reduce the affects of global warming. We didn't at first understand the affects climate change had on Santa's Magic reindeer but now we do we hope we can slow the process and keep Santa's Christmas eve delivery system working at its best. We very much welcome the funding from Santa's donation of 10% from his sales of world wide Santa Cams and look forward to putting this money to good use'

About Santa's Santa Cam Business

Santa and his team launched his successful Santa Cam business in the late 1990's to alow people to track Santa Claus in there homes. The small plastic cameras were latter followed by a digits product called Santa CCTV which can be purchased at The cameras have taken many forms over the years, and some bad copies have been made including a Santa Cam Bauble which could easily break and cause a choking hazard to small Children. In a statement from Santa Claus head quarters earlier this year he said 'I recommend people only buy branded Santa CCTV Santa Cams this Christmas. Some other brands can be dangerous. The digital product available at Santa CCTV is the safest form of Santa Claus surveillance on the web in either App or website.'

Will Santa Claus float his Santa Cam Business on the stock market?

What do Santa Cams look like?

Most Santa Cams are black in colour with a domed plastic over and red flashing light. Fake versions of the Santa Cam have been made using white plastic and some have even been baubles. Its always recommended to use an official Santa Cam from the Santa CCTV website.

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