Did Santa Claus invent the wheel or only the Santa Cam?

The question all historians are asking, Did Fred Flintstone or Santa Claus invent the wheel? Who invented the Santa Cam? Just some of the many historical facts that have baffled historians over the years, but the main one being who invented the wheel? Fred Flintstone or Santa Claus and who invented the Santa Cam?

A new study by the University of Arizona has said that Santa Claus did not in-fact invent the wheel and this was done by TV star Fred Flintstone. Historian David Farley, head of art and history at the university said: 'These finding shed new light on the history of the wheel and bring to a close decades of speculation about Santa Claus involvement in designing the very first wheel. Everyone knows that wheels would be useless to Santa as his home city is Lapland, in the North Pole. Why would Santa invent a wheel knowing it would get stuck in the snow? Everyone knows Santa has a sleigh and it certainly doesn't have wheels.'

He continued 'We do thought now have concrete proof that Santa did invent the Santa Cam, the popular product in many homes all over the world. You can buy a Santa cam from the Santa CCTV website for just £9.99.'

In a statement from his head office in the North Pole, Santa Said: 'I can confirm I did not in-fact invent the wheel. This rumour has been circulating on the internet since the 1990's and I am glad that historians have proved that I only invented the Santa Cam, and not the wheel.

Some history over who invented the wheel. (source Wikipedia)

A wheel is a circular component that is intended to rotate on an axle bearing. The wheel is one of the key components of the wheel and axle which is one of the six simple machines. Wheels, in conjunction with axles, allow heavy objects to be moved easily facilitating movement or transportation while supporting a load, or performing labor in machines. Wheels are also used for other purposes, such as a ship's wheel, steering wheel, potter's wheel and flywheel.

Common examples are found in transport applications. A wheel greatly reduces friction by facilitating motion by rolling together with the use of axles. In order for wheels to rotate, a moment needs to be applied to the wheel about its axis, either by way of gravity or by the application of another external force or torque. Using the wheel, Sumerians invented a contraption that spins clay as a potter shapes it into the desired object.

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The invention of the wheel falls into the late Neolithic, and may be seen in conjunction with other technological advances that gave rise to the early Bronze Age. This implies the passage of several wheel-less millennia even after the invention of agriculture and of pottery, during the Aceramic Neolithic.

Early wheels were simple wooden disks with a hole for the axle. Some of the earliest wheels were made from horizontal slices of tree trunks. Because of the uneven structure of wood, a wheel made from a horizontal slice of a tree trunk will tend to be inferior to one made from rounded pieces of longitudinal boards.

Following on from this new questions have now been asked about Santa. Did Santa live in the dinosaur times? Is Santa older than god? When did Santa invent the Santa Cam? Find all these interesting facts on the Santa CCTV website.

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