Will Santa Claus be invited to the Royal wedding or have to watch on Santa Cam

Speculation if rife today over weather or not Santa Claus will be invited to the Royal wedding or have to watch on his Santa-Cam. With invitations and guest lists still a top goverment and palace secret it is still a mystery if Santa Claus will be invited from the North Pole to attend the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle. Origional rumours stated that it was possible Prince Harry was going to ask Santa Claus to be his Best Man but this was brought to a close when Harry asked older brother William earlier this week. William was rumured to say after the invistion: 'Its about bloody time i was asked, ive been waiting for months' .

The wedding due to take place near Windsor in Berkshire with a star studded guest list on the 19th May 2018, is the Uk's largest event of the year and tight security is anticipated. An estimated 2000 Police officers will be on Duty, along with counter terrorism officers and MI5. The speculations come on the same day that the BBC, which will be filming the event on Santa-Cam, will waive its Lcence fee for the day so the event can be shown in town halls, churches and community clubs.

Pipa Doubtfire, The BBC's head of revenue management said: I'm delighted to announce that we have decided to offer a one-off dispensation for the royal wedding on May 19th. This will allow the public to enjoy live coverage of the occasion at special events such as street parties, where TV is not usually watched, without needing to buy a licence. By Law if a television, Santa Cam or iplayer is viewed on any premises, those premises must be covered by TV Licence.

More royal wedding news emerged today when it was confirmed that Princess Michael of Kent is still expected to attend the wedding following controversials claims she named her teo black sheep Venus and Serena. When asked for a comment on the subject Santa Claus replied: 'I have no knowledge of the princesses sheep and I belive this to be a private matter'

Will Santa Claus eventually get an invite to the royal wedding? We will keep you updated, but don't forget on the day to tune into your Santa-Cam to watch the events.

Security stepped up ahead of Christmas events

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