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Santa Claus taken to employment tribunal by former elf staff member after Santa-Cam Fiasco

Santa Claus has been summoned to an employment tribunal in the North Pole following allegation of misconduct caught on Santa-Cam The complaint made by Elf X (his secret identity protected by North Pole Law) was accepted by the North Pole Employment tribunals office on Tuesday. It is alleged in secret court papers seen by Santa CCTV that 'misconduct' took place relating to two elf members of Staff. The all alleged misconduct was captured on Santa-cam and this has also been handed to the tribunal.

A spokesperson for Santa Claus said in a statement to Santa CCTV: 'We can confirm that we have received details of an alleged complaint of misconduct between two members of Staff at our North Pole Facility. We have checked our Santa-Cam footage and believe it shows no such misconduct took place. It is our intention to appeal the tribunals decision in due course and present the Santa-Cam video footage as evidence. We have nothing further to say on the subject until after the hearing'

It is thought the cause of the complaint is an allegation that Elf X stole Elf Z sweets from his bunk bed during a shift. It is thought Elf X returned to his dormitory after a 12 hour toy making shift to to find a pile of empty Cadburys roses wrappers under his pillion. Elf X confronted Elf Z over the alleged theft who apparently then admitted his crimes. It is Claimed that Elf X went to the main Santa-Cam recording department of Santa world and demanded to view the footage. Elf Z is claiming that it was against his Elf rights to be recorded on Santa-Cam withour his knowledge.

Santa-Cam CCTV will update our website with more news after the court date.

Santa Claus taken to employment tribunal by former elf staff member after Santa-Cam Fiasco

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