Is Santa Claus Planning to opening a Christmas themed Supermarket to sell his Santa Cams?

Speculation is rife across the internet over Santa's intentions to open a Christmas themed supermarket to sell his Santa-Cam systems. Speculation and online rumour started after Santa's announcement to open a Clothing Business and a new Coffee shop, both of which sell his trademark 'Santa-Cams'. Although no announcement has been made it is rumoured the next step for Santa Claus and his commercial arm Santa Claus Ltd, could be to open a Christmas Themed supermarket. As everyone knows Santa offers his Christmas eve delivery service for free, but people are asking if his food delivery service will also be free.

One commentator on the website 'talk about Santa Claus cam' said: 'I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad things? I mean I like Santa Claus, I enjoy using his Santa Cams but do I really want to eat Roast turkey and Mince Pies everyday'

Another online blogger said: 'If this is true its going to be amazing I will certainly be shopping there.'

The UK supermarket industry is worth an estimated 3.4 billion pounds a year. Its estimated an average of 30% of the UK population GDP comes from sales in supermarkets. Its estimated that every one in ten houses now has an Official Santa Cam

What's your views on Santa Claus opening a supermarket? Do you think he will do well? would you buy your mince pies from the Santa Supermarket and what products would you like to see him selling? Let us know in the comments box below.

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