Santa Claus Launches Santa Coffee shop called Santa-Bucks

Santa Claus Launches Santa Coffee shop called Santa-Bucks, a brand new World wide Coffee Chain. Stock markets in world wide Panic waiting to buy shares. Coffee superbrands such as Starbucks and Costa coffee were in shock today after the announcement Santa Claus has launched a new coffee Chain, with special limited edition Christmas drinks menu, christmas food menu and a Magic Reindeer food menu. It is also widely anticipated that Reindeers will be welcomed into the stores with a Special Magic reindeer food menu.

It is thought in the fiscal year 2016-2017 Stabucks turned over an estimated 84 million pounds profit before tax, closley followed by Costa coffee coming in at 65million. Most of the profits declared by Starbucks and Costa was from there food and drinks menu with roughly 10% being made up from its branded merchndise. Starbucks has over 890 stores world wide and Costa Coffee 670 stores at last count. In contrast Santa Claus recorded zero revinue from his Christmas eve delivery service and Santa-Cam department in the North Pole. How will Santa claus cope with turning from a not for profit, comunity interest business to one of the worlds leading business owners?

An announcement on the Offical Santa Claus website reads 'Santa Claus is proud to announce the opening of his new coffee shop chain called 'Santa-Bucks' Santa Claus was quoted as saying 'Im really excited to be bringing this new Christmas themed Coffee shop concept to the world wide market. My new chain of coffee shops called Santa-bucks will start opening next month with the first stores set to open in London, Paris, New York and the North Pole iminently. I will be looking at opening one thousand stores world wide in the first year. There will of course be a Santa-Cam in every store so i can monitor the customer experiance'

It is widely anticipated that the new Stores will be heavily Christmas Themed and Have a red and gold theme, spinkled with tinsle and Christmas Buables throughout. It is not currently known if the stores will be staffed by Santa's elves or if Santa Claus will directly work in any of the stores and if any of the stores will feature a Christmas Tree.

It is thought that the stores will all sell Santa Claus branded cups, water bottles and possibly even Christmas Eve Boxes and be playing christmas music at all times. It is roumoured that a special mulled wine Coffee will also be on the menu.

A spokesperson for the new coffee chain said 'We are still in talks with our elf team and Mrs Claus will be heading up the world Wide HR department. We anticipate a busy opening period and first quarter sales. As our elves are used to sub zero temperatures in the North Pole so we will be looking into ways to aclimatise them to the local weather where each shop is located. Mrs Santa Claus was quoted as saying 'im really looking forward to working with all the new staff at Santa-Bucks, soon to be the worlds number one coffee chain.'

The Coffee market is now a billion pound industry. So should the likes of Starbucks and Costa coffee be concerned by the opening of Santa's new Coffee Chain, Santa-Bucks? We asked industry alalist Martin I Mc-Ramble his opinion.

He Replied: 'Most certainly they should. Santa Claus has the Fincancial ability along with a spoon full of Magic plus his secret flying recipe to bring a world wide product to the Coffee market and hight street like people havent seen before.

Just the idea that Santa Claus owns the Coffee shops will be enough to drive his millions and millions of fans through the door.

Its not all good news however. Santa claus is coming under some critasism from his fans for moving into the commercial market and question his motives. One man on the internet has said to Santa-Cam CCTV 'Is this just the start of Santa Claus Be comercialised? Santa has always been free and available to everyone, now it seems only the people who can afford his coffee will be able to visit him. Will he next be charging for his Christmas eve Visits? Will there be a two tier Santa System, and could Santa Claus be privatised?'

Would you like to see a Santa-Bucks coffee shop in your town? Would you shun the traditional coffee shops, Starbucks and Costa in favour of Santa's new Coffee Chain? Santa Cam CCTV wishes Mr and Mrs Claus all the luck in the world with there new venture and keep our fingers crossed this is not the slippery slope to the commercialisation and privitaisation of the Santa Claus christmas Eve box delivery system.

Is Santa Claus Planning to opening a Christmas themed Supermarket to sell his Santa Cams?

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