Breaking News. Santa Claus caught on Santa Cam stealing mince pies from Tesco

The London metropolitan police have released a statement claiming that Santa Claus has been caught on Santa Cam stealing a box of Christmas 2018 Mince pies from a Tesco Store in Uxbridge this morning, 24th April 2018. In a statement released by the Metropolitan Police it is claimed 'Police were called to the Tesco Express store in Uxbridge this morning following reports that a man in a red suit was caught on Santa Cam stealing a box of Tesco Finest Mince pies. The man was described to police as a old man, with a large grey beard, a red suit and had arrived at the store with a sleigh being pulled by Reindeer. Upon arrival at the store police officers detained a man (of unknown age) who we believe to be Santa Claus. He has been taken to a London Police Station for questioning over the theft. We are still to review the footage caught on Santa Cam.

An eye witness who works at the store but did not want to be named told Santa CCTV 'We just couldn't believe it, every one was watching because its not everyday Santa Claus pulls up at Tescos and goes food shopping. He first went down the fruit and vegetable isle then made a bee line for the cake department. He was almost running. We had one box of finest mince pies left over from Christmas and all of a sudden we saw him put them inside his Jacket. We was Shocked. After we spoke to the Security guard who said the whole incident had been caught on Santa Cam. I really hope this is a misunderstanding and Santa will be free soon. Maybe Santa isn't used to having to pay for things?'

A Tesco spokesman said: 'We are aware of an incident of shop lifting at our Uxbridge Express store this morning. We are working with Police to establish what has exactly happened. We are hoping this is a mistake but will be checking our Santa Cam footage. We hope this incident will be dealt with quickly so Santa can go back to his delivery's as soon as possible. Tesco now has a policy of Having a Santa Cam in every store to detect shop lifting and prevent crime to keep our staff and customers safe.'

According to the latest figures from the Office for National Santa Statistics' (ONS) crime survey released this week, while overall crime has fallen significantly, shoplifting is up 8% on average, year on year.

Across England and Wales, police recorded 411,027 shoplifting offences in 2014, with 31 of the 44 force areas recording an increase compared with the previous year.

The 2014 Commercial Victimisation Survey suspects the figure is even higher, at 3.1m incidents of theft by customers in the wholesale and retail sector: a fall from 12.2m in the 2002 CVS survey. The steepest rise, according to the ONS, was in the West Midlands, where shoplifting offences were up 20%, keeping the lower courts busy.

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