Santa Claus 'Shocked and Sadened' by Closure of Toys R Us. What does this mean for Christmas 2018?

Santa Claus has said that he is 'Shocked and Saddened' by the sudden announcement of the Closure of all UK Toys are us stores. What affaect will this have on Christmas toy Sales in the UK? What and where are the Toys R Us closing down sales? Santa Claus was Shocked to learn Toys R Us has announced it was knocking 25 per cent off its products in its closing down sale. Prices are going as low as up to 70 per cent off across all of its shops. Santa Claus had hoped hoped that some stores and jobs could be saved but it was announced on March 12 that all the shops would now close after the retailer failed to find a buyer. So far, 25 stores have already closed. Toys are us has over 100 stores around the UK and all of them will be shut down by April 24. There are expected to be around over 2,000+ redundancies in total.

Administrator Simon Thomas said: "Customers are encouraged to take advantage of these special offers as soon as possible. "While stock levels are generally high, customers may find that the more popular brands begin to sell out over the coming days.” Stores may be subject to closure without notice. But there are 75 stores still open until the end of April.

Are gift vouchers still valid?

Gift cards and vouchers were honoured until Sunday, March 11 - there are no refunds for cash value on any gift cards - and cannot be exchanged. Shoppers can no longer use these in stores and you will be unable to claim your money back. The purchaser of a gift card who paid with a credit card is protected by the Consumer Credit Act for purchases over £100. Protection for debit card holders depends on the card provider.

The Law Commission looked into more protection for gift card holders after high profile retailers Comet, Farepak and Paul Simon collapsed. Their report highlighted giving consumers more information about obtaining a refund through their debit or credit card issuer. They also suggested making a limited change to the insolvency hierarchy, to give a preference to the most vulnerable category of prepaying consumers.

Why have Toys R Us sales been criticised?

The toy company is flogging items at higher prices than their rivals despite claiming to have a huge closing down sale, a Sun Online investigation revealed. Our probe found in just a few hours that at least nine toys which were being offered at a reduced price were still MORE expensive than the exact same item in shops less than half a mile away. We bought a Lego Star Wars figurine of cult character BB-8 for £76.49, reduced from £84.99, from a branch of Toys R Us in North London. But within a half mile, The Sun Online was able to walk into branches of John Lewis and Smyths Toys and find the same item for £64.99 – a saving of £11.50.

Other more expensive items included a Lego City Mountain Police HQ being sold by Toys R Us for £62.99 - down from £69.99 - but available in John Lewis and Smyths for £55.99. A Nerf Raptorstrike Gun is being sold for £47.99 - reduced from £59.99 – which is £39.99 at Smyths and a Trolls folding in-line scooter is being sold for £17.99 - reduced from £23.99 - which costs just £16 in Tesco and £16.99 in Smyths. Disgruntled customers have voiced their disappointment with the shop’s price reductions on Twitter. One user, Matt Whiz wrote: “Price aren’t even competitive”.

Why is Toys R Us closing in the UK?

Toys R Us was put into administration after attempts to sell the business failed and some stores could shut in the next few days. More than 3,000 jobs were put at risk as it was revealed store closures would take place among ALL its outlets nationwide. An "orderly wind-down of the company's store portfolio" is due to take place over the coming weeks. On March 2, 2018, Moorfields Advisory, the firm in charge of the closure of the retail chain, confirmed it was commencing a nationwide closing down sale at all stores.

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