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The Coca-Cola 2018 Truck tour is a yearly Christmas tradition, here are some more details about the Coca-Cola Truck tour.

Did you know......

The Coca-Cola Truck has made 497 stops since 2011

The Coca-Cola Christmas Truck is 4.1 metres high and weighs 13 tonnes

It’s lit by 374 bulbs and 9,332 fairy lights to give it that Christmas Magic

The truck has travelled more than 840,000 miles – the equivalent to 31 times around the world!

The Holidays Are Coming advert is 23 years old this year! #HolidaysAreComing

Discover the twenty-year history of the iconic Coca-Cola Christmas Trucks, which first graced our TV screens in the winter months of 1995. Learn who created them, and how they've changed over the years.

It’s a familiar, Christmassy sight: a fleet of twinkling Coca-Cola trucks making their way across a snowy landscape. This is how you know that 'Holidays Are Coming'. The trucks have become Christmassy icons since they were launched on TV in 1995.

These days, you can get even closer to the magic as the trucks head up and down the UK on our annual Christmas Truck Tour. But before you plan your visit, get the lowdown on their rise to super-stardom!


The Coca-Cola Christmas trucks are created by agency W.B. Doner for a new seasonal advertising campaign. Known as ‘Christmas Caravans’, the illuminated lorries are made more enchanting with special effects by the world-famous Industrial Light and Magic, the company behind the Star Wars films. Images of the Coca-Cola Santa by artist Haddon Sundblom decorate the sides of the trucks. Just before the ad ends, we see Santa raising his bottle in a holiday toast.


The trucks introduce all-new Coca-Cola Christmas packaging. The ‘Santa packs’ feature heritage Sundblom imagery and are available in the USA, the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa, Singapore and the Philippines


The ‘Christmas Caravan III’ advert is broadcast in more than 100 countries to millions of viewers. It remains one of the most widely used Coca-Cola commercials ever produced.


‘Journey’ is filmed in snowy Vancouver, Canada using three trucks (which computer generation turns into a whole fleet), and a cast of 40 actors. In the advert, the trucks spring to life in front of a boy and his grandfather as they sit at home reading a Christmas storybook.

To give you an idea what the 2018 Coca-Cola Truck tour dates might look like here is the 2017 Tour dates: Coca-cola tour truck dates and places for Christmas 2017!

Glasgow, Silverburn Centre – November 11

Glasgow, Asda Robroyston - November 12

Newcastle, Asda Bolden Collery – November 14

Newcastle, Tesco Extra – November 15

Swansea, Tesco Extra - November 16

Northumberland, Sanderson Arcade – November 16

Northumberland, Sanderson Arcade – November 17

Bristol, The Mall – November 18

Newcastle, Intu Metrocentre – November 18

Newcastle, Intu Metrocentre - November 19

Plymouth, Drake Circus Shopping Centre – November 21

Bradford, Morrison’s Victoria Street – November 21

Pudsey, Asda – November 22

Gainsborough, Marshalls Yard – November 23

Bournemouth, The Triangle – November 23

Bournemouth, The Triangle – November 24

Leeds, Whiterose Shopping Centre – November 24

Hull, St Stephens Shopping Centre – November 25

Southampton, Westway Shopping Centre – November 25

Southampton, Westway Shopping Centre – November 26

Doncaster, Lakeside Village – November 26

Sheffield, Fox Valley – November 28

Leyton, Asda – November 28

Huddersfield, Mccaulay Street – November 29

Southend-on-sea, Victoria Circus – November 29

Bolton, Middlebrook Retail Park – November 30

Harlow, Market Square – November 30

St Helens, Tesco Extra – December 1

Ipswich, Asda – December 1

Peterborough, Tesco Extra – December 2

Manchester, Intu Trafford – December 2

Manchester, Intu Trafford – December 3

Mansfield, Tesco – December 3

Liverpool, Liverpool One – December 5

Liverpool, Liverpool One – December 6

Watford, Asda – December 7

Telford, Telford Shopping Centre – December 7

Wembley, London Designer Outlet – December 8

Nottingham, Victoria Retail Park – December 8

London, Jingle Bell Ball – December 9

London, Jingle Bell Ball – December 10

Birmingham, Edgbaston Street – December 9

Birmingham, Edgbaston Street – December 10

Coventry, Broadgate – December 11

Reading, Riverside Shopping Centre - December 13

Rushden, Waitrose – December 14

Milton Keynes, Xscape – December 15

Essex, Lakeside – December 16

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