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The New John Lewis Advert...

by Elf Klaus
Have you seen the new John Lewis advert yet? Santa has and his opinion of the John Lewis advert this year is that the Foster Dad deserves a big present! It seems that in recent years, the John Lewis Christmas advert got some negativity from its more popular past status. This year, they've outdone themselves with their latest offering. The advert features a man, who is for some unknown reason to us, putting himself through some pain in the bid to learn to skateboard. His perseverance begins to pay off and you can see he is very happy about this and his partner keeps asking how it is going. What we don't realise until the end is he is learning this skill as the couple are waiting for a child to arrive to come and live with them who themselves skateboards! His attempt is to make them feel a little more at home and welcome at a time that will be overwhelming and scary. I have to say, I absolutely love this advert. It's so sweet and heartwarming, and it really captures your heart bringing a tear to your eye. The one downside is that it might make it harder for parents to get away with not doing some of these more precarious hobbies! But that's a small price to pay for such a wonderful advert.

The Season of the Witch

by Elf Klaus
Spooky Season
So, as we enter into October and the season of the witch preparations at the North Pole are well under way. Mrs Claus and Elves are however redecorating in the spirit of the spooky season and really enjoy playing pranks to scare Santa. We have found out that they have already had fake eyeballs floating in his coco and a fake spider falling in his lap when he was making his lists up. Even the Reindeer aren't safe with wind up mice being placed in their feed. Did you know that Halloween is the festival of Samhain. A celebration at the end of the summer season to welcome in the darker half the year and the beginning of winter. It is also the time when the veils between worlds is meant to be at its thinnest! Meaning ghosts and weird creatures get to roam the Earth on this night. The celebration was meant to scare the spirits away keeping everyone safe until the next year. These days it's celebrated in various ways and homes are decorated with carved pumpkins and various decorations, sweets are handed out to children who dress up and go door to door shouting 'trick or treat'. The US being the biggest commercial market for Halloween since Irish settlers really got a taste for it back in the 19th century.

Mrs Claus....

by Elf Green
We all know about Mr Claus but what about Mrs Claus? She is always there for him. Keeping him well fed and watered (or should we say Hot Coco'd) haha. She is the one that keeps the elves in check or gives them the TLC they need. Mrs Claus is not just Santas wife she is the beating heart of the Christmas Village. The mother of all the inhabitants, the one that cares for them when they are ill, feeling low (yes that sometimes happens even there), sees to the bumps and scrapes. A busy woman with a big heart. She steals away occasionally for some me-time up into the hills close by. A little known spa where she can relax for an hour or two just to recharge and ensure she is in tip top form for all that is required of her. Santa just loves the lady to bits and always tells the elves it was 'love at frost sight'. He feels bad when Christmas gets closer as he feels like he neglects her but she understands and knows he will give her his full attention come the New Year. A powerful couple that would not be much without the other and have a deep connection that has lasted for who knows how long.

Santa Practises Sleigh Landing

by Elf Green
Santa needs to practice his landing skills. Every year he takes all of the reindeer out to the nearby open areas just outside of the Christmas Village. He has to make sure he can still do it with precision and skill. He gets everything rigged up just like on Christmas Eve and they do small practice runs of take-off and landing. This is to ensure they aren't too noisy with the hooves and the sleigh doesn't clatter its rails on landing. It may not seem to us like he should need to but during the rest of the year the sleigh isn't taken out much and the reindeer get to roam pretty free. Practice makes perfect as they say. Back in October, the reindeer could be seen being trained by the head reindeer Elf getting their strength back up and flying skills up to speed. The locals reported seeing flying animals doing loop de loops high above some forest where it is reported the Christmas Village is supposed to be magically hidden. According to our source, Prancer is a bit of a show-off and likes to do this while the others are still doing the practice bits. Comet can be a bit of a drama queen and takes a while to even take off if the mood so takes him. Blitzen takes it in his stride, like riding a bike. Cupid and Dancer are quick too but not as show off as Prancer so stay a little lower when messing around as not to be seen. We got access to the secret images of him wandering around with the reindeer during this time.

Santa is Immune to Covid-19

by Elf Green
Santa Claus is immune to coronavirus and will be able to deliver Christmas presents again this year, the World Health Organisation has reassured us all is well. Children of the world can rest easy both Santa and Mrs Claus are fit and well and busy at the North Pole. A WHO representative has gone on record stating "I understand the concern for Santa because he is of older age and of one of the older age groups but I can tell you that Santa Claus is immune to this virus. We had a brief chat with him and he is doing very well. Mrs Claus is doing very well and they are very busy right now. But he is immune." Holidays are officially coming!

Time to Ramp it Up!

by Elf Green
It's been a rough year for everyone and that includes all at the North Pole! The elves have been working super hard but getting supplies has been tough. Everyone seems to be struggling to get the stuff they need everywhere in the world. What to do, what to do? The news is that the Head Elf has had to work extra long hours and had a steady supply of hot cocoa and candy canes to keep him going while he sorts it out. His second in command has been doing her best to keep the factory running so they keep on track for Christmas Eve, she is a super hard worker elf too. She has had to have many talks with the cocoa factory to ensure the stocks are kept up and the candy cane elves have been working extra to ensure the Head Elf always has his sugar hit. The man in the red suit has been pulling his beard out trying to keep all the elves happy as he hates it when they feel stressed. The Christmas Village is supposed to be the happiest place on Earth and it's his job to make sure it stays that way. He has been calling in some owed favours and making sure all the elves are getting extra treats to keep them in the great spirits they are used to. Now that the count down is on and the lists are starting to come in from the children of the world the ramp-up begins. This will help Santa and his elves as bringing happiness to families all over the globe is what they do and that is what brings them the most happiness.